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Ruler and Compass Construction

Want to download the Ruler & Compass Construction revision notes in PDF format? What Is Ruler & Compass Construction In Maths? Let’s learn to construct geometric figures using a ruler and compass. Shapes, angles and lines must be drawn accurately. A ruler is used for a straightedge or drawing straight lines. A compass is used …

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Representing Data

Want to download the Representing Data revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] What Is Representing Data? This is the process of selecting samples through different sampling techniques. Then, gather the necessary information. The next step is to organise and present information in a way that can easily analysed and interpreted.  There are many ways to …

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Quadratic Equations

Want to download the Quadratic Equations revision notes in PDF format? What is a Quadratic Equation? [mathjax] A quadratic equation is an equation whose power is in the second degree. In an equation, at least one of the variables is squared. In finding the missing value, it can be solved by factoring, completing the square …

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Want to download the Proportions revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] Proportion is represented by two equal ratios. There is direct and indirect proportion. With direct proportion, the two variables change at the same rate. Direct Proportion With direct proportion, the two variable change at the same time. In direct proportion, as the first variable …

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Want to download the Matrices revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] What is a Matrix & what are Matrices? A matrix is an arrangement of numbers to organise data and solve variables. It’s a way to represent information using a table of numbers. Matrices organise numbers inside a big bracket. The order of the matrix …

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Want to download the Histograms revision notes in PDF format? What are Histograms? A histogram is a graph that is made up of vertical lines of equal bases centred at the class midpoints. It is similar to bar charts. However, in bar charts, all bars are the same width in the bar and the height …

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