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Gradient and Graphs

Want to download the Gradient and Graphs revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] What are Gradient & Graphs In Maths? The graph helps to properly analyze and give a correct interpretation of given information. It is therefore important to learn graphing fundamentals. GradientsGradients state how steep a line is. It’s also called the slope. A …

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Angles Theorems

Want to download the Angles Theorems revision notes in PDF format? What are Angles Theorems? We are familiar with the parts of a circle, namely radius, diameter, chords and centre. Let’s discuss circle angle theorem. What are the other properties of a circle? What is circle theorem? Circle theorems is finding the angle or a …

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Want to download the Bearings revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] What are Bearings in Maths? A bearing measures the movement of an angle in a clockwise direction and always on the north line. The bearing of a point is the line joining the centre of the compass through the point measured in degrees in …

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Cyclic Quadrilateral

Want to download the Cyclic Quadrilateral revision notes in PDF format? What is Cyclic Quadrilateral? Cyclic quadrilateral is defined as a four-sided figure whose vertices lie on the circumference of a circle. A cyclic quadrilateral is a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle. Remember that not all quadrilaterals inside a circle are cyclic as its vertices …

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Want to download the Factorising revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] Expanding BracketsRemoving the brackets is known as distributive law. To remove the brackets, multiply each term outside the bracket. Example:\(3(x + 2)\)                               Multiply each term inside the bracket by 3.\(3 …

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What Is A Function?

Want to download the Function revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] FunctionsMany equations describe a real-life relationship between two quantities, also known as function. The function is said to be the central idea in the study of mathematics. A \(\underline{function}\) is a specific rule that compares one quantity to another quantity. The correspondence between two …

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