Eduqas GCSE Past Papers

Eduqas GCSE 9-1 Past Papers across Maths, English Literature & English Language.

Eduqas GCSE
Welsh Joint Education Committee created Eduqas in September 2015. It caters to the British curriculum education in England. The examination board was made to create a balanced approach between the differing syllabus in England and Wales.

The system in England is called Eduqas. The examination board offers 50 subjects altogether. Students need to select subjects based on their understanding and inclination. The secret to scoring high grades lies in continuous practice. Students should go through past papers. They should begin their preparation by solving it. Tough to solve parts should be highlighted. Students should pay extra attention to these parts.

As the exam month comes, they should begin to solve papers within the time limit. It will help them in maintaining the optimum pace inside the exam hall. Eduqas provides easy access to the question bank digitally. It also carries examiners’ remarks. Students can also filter questions according to year, tier, chapter, and marks per question. So solving past papers gives an insight into the perfect answer sheets.

About the board
Eduqas is the British curriculum board in England. The board offers subjects under reformed GCSE. The board aims to enhance the knowledge and skill of the students. It provides world-class learning aid to students. At the same time, it also equips teachers with the latest teaching methodology.

Study time
The board conducts GCSE twice in a year. It declares results in June and November. The board uses a uniform mark scale (UMS). It means that different weightage is allotted to chapters depending on the level of difficulty. Students are required to complete the course within two years.

Type of assessments
Eduqas has a different type of assessment for each subject. It uses a uniform mark scale for marks moderation. The board conducts two types of assessments:
Internal assessment: Internal assessment is available for the following subjects:

Computer science
English: It has 3 components:
1st Component: 20th-century literature reading & prose writing, exam time 1 hr &45 minutes
2nd Component: 19th & 21st-century transactional/persuasive writing & non-fiction reading, exam time 2 hrs
3rd Component: spoken language, it is the non-exam assessment
Film studies
Media studies

Each subject has a different question paper pattern and marking scheme. It is available on the board website.

External assessment: It is available for French, German and Spanish.
Eduqas needs e-submission for both types of assessments.

Is the exam hard?
Eduqas is not a tough exam. The syllabus is similar to other GCSEs. The difference lies in the support staff and available resources. Students need to fully utilize the digital resources available. The board assesses students at a different level. To crack each level, students should practice past papers. They are available for each cycle on the official website.

Eduqas offers examiner’s remarks with the solved papers too. So, students can compare and contrast their answers to gain maximum marks. Also, Eduqas uses UMS. So, students need to evaluate their understanding based on the weightage of the marks. With continuous practice, achieving ‘A’ grade is not tough.