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A position at a firm offers £60,000 per annum plus superannuation. How much will the employee earn each month excluding supperannuation?

If £2,000 invested in a bank at an interest rate of 8% compounded quarterly, the value of investment after 5 year would be?

Simplify (2x^2+4x)/(x^2+3x+2) ÷ ((x-1)^2)/(x^2-1)?

Simpify (81(8)/16(9))(1/4)

Express ((3x+5)/4-(3x-6)/3) as a single fraction in its simplest form

Factorise the monic quadratic equation x^2-17x+72

What is the volume of the cone, if r=4cm and h=12cm

Jack and Marry work for the same company. Due to more experience, the monthly salary of Marry is dollar twelve hundred more than two times the salary of Jack. If Marry’s salary is £5600 per month, what is the monthly salary of Jack?

If -x>-3x-12, which of the distances in the image are representing x?

What is the solution for the system: x+y=-2 & 2x-5y=-11

What is the equation of the line perpendicular to y=-(1/2)x+3 and passes through the point (-1,2)?

Which of the following function indicates the graph above?

For what values of x is 7/(3x-4)=5/(2x-3)?

Solve the following equation using completing square method: 3x^2+5x-2=0

Joan and Anna went for camping. They had bought a camp (shaped triangular prism) which was 2 meters wide, 4 meters long and 3 meters high. What is the volume of the camp?

"Two triangles are congurent if two of their matching sides have equal lengths, and the angle between these two sides is same" Which property is this?

In the figure, triangle ABC is similar to triangle OBC. If AB = 8 cm, AC = 10 cm, and OB = 5 cm, what is OC?

Consider a right angled triangle ⊿PQR, inscribed in a circle, with longer side as a diameter of the circle. What would be the diameter, if the base and height of the triangle are 3 and 2 respectively?

What is the probability of flipping the coin twice, and getting tails both times?

Which of the following is a counterexample for this conditional statement? If a number is even, then it is spelled with the letter 't'.

The image shows cumulative frequency plot of the height (in centimeters) of the US Army men. What is the interquartile range?

What is the median of the boxplot shown in the figure?

The exercise times of N = 50 randomly selected people at the gymnasium were recorded. In this survey, data were collected on different timings. The histogram displays the data collected in this survey. In which of the following intervals is the median of these data located?

The scatterplot shows the relation between two variables. Which of the following is true?

There were 40 flowers in the basket. Jane picked 16 of them. What percentage of the flowers are left behind in the basket?

Sam has a part time job at the coffee point and paid on the hourly basis. He has earned £240 for working 30 hours in the last week. This week Sam worked for 35 hours at the same rate of pay. How much did Sam earn this week?

It is your birthday and you invited 15 people. Now you assume that each person takes 4 servings of the cake and the cake costs you £14.78. If one cake has 12 sliced servings, how many cakes would you need and how much would this cost you?

The museum contained 4,000 items 10 years ago. Now there are 10,000 items. By what percentage did the number of items increase during this 10-year period?

If 1 AUD=0.76 USD, what is 40.23 USD in AUD?

If the stock price and dividened of a particular share are 90 and 1.68 respectively, what is dividened yield?

If f(x)=6-5x+2/x, find f(-4).

Given f(x)=2sin(4x–π/2). Find the coordinates of the point where this function touches the x-axis.

What are the dimensions of this matrix?

What is the the missing number?-11,-5,1, ?

If equation b is a solution to equation a, what are the values of y and z?

A square field has each side measuring x meters. Find the length of its diagonals.

A circular swimming pool with a radius of 10 feet has a deck of uniform width built around it. If the area of the deck is 44π sq. feet, what is the width of the deck?

The giant concrete cone of the Disney Castle was hit by the giant weather balloon and was to be built again. Considering that the radius and height of the cone are 10m and 25m respectively. Find the volume of the cone.

M.Q Interiors donated a giant cubic replica of the world map to the National Museum of New York. Each side of the cube was 5m long. Calculate the Surface Area of the cube.

If the figure is made up of 12 squares, how many rectangles in the figure are similar to rectangle ARLY(including)?

If the rectangles in the figure are similar, what is the perimeter of first rectangle?

The line segment AB is dilated from line segment A’B’ with a scale factor of 0.8. If the length of AB is 12.5 cm, what is the length of line segment A’B’?

If the rectangles in the figure are similar, what is the area of second rectangle?

Consider a triangular prism A with base area 15 sq. ft. and breadth 3 ft. and a triangular prism B with height 4 ft. and length 8 ft. If two prisms are similar, what is the volume of prism B?

Which of the following is an ordinal variable?

Which of the following is a discrete variable?

Which trend this scatter plot follows?

A question has been asked from the audience in a show, “How much time a person must take in getting ready for a party?” The responses of 15 males and 15 females have been noted down randomly in minutes. Which of the following is true?

What is the third quartie in the figure?

What is the exact value of cos (arcsin 4x)?

Find the area of given triangle using Heron's formula.

What is the unknown side in the given triangle?

Anna is standing in the park, looking at a tree which is x meters away from her, where the angle of elevation is 30° at this point. Suppose she walks 20 meters further, and now the angle of elevation is 60°. Find Anna’s original distance from the tree.

Solve the following to evaluate the value of x. 2x+45=x+23

The sum of two integers is 5 whereas their difference is 1. Find the integers.

What is the gradient of the line 4x=-3y+3?

Is there a direct proportional relationship between cost and number of hours of electricity?

What is an approximate slope of this graph?

Two small bowls and one large bowl can hold 8 liters of water altogether. Now the large bowl can hold 2 liters more water than the small bowl. How many liters of water can a small bowl hold?

What is the equilibrium price of the cheese per kilogram?

What is the range of this piecewise function?

The table shows the preference of t-shirt colour by both genders. What is the probability that a randomly selected person is a girl who likes pink t-shirt?

The result cards of the two students A and B are being compared by the teacher to check whether they have cheated in an exam or not. The table display the results. Techer said, if the difference in their mean scores is less than one, then they have cheated. Determine this difference.

What kind correlation this scatter plot represents?

A correlation factor of -0.2 indicates:

"How do the different chemicals in impure water affect animal growth?" What are the response variable and the explanatory variable in the above statement?

What kind correlation this scatter plot represents?

What is the equation of best fit line shown in the graph?

A survey is conducted by a teacher in a class about how many hours (x) they sleep during the day. Teacher also aksed them to rate their mood (y) on a scale from 0 to 5, with 0 being the saddest. Teacher finally created the scatter plot and best fit line. Assume that teacher found a y-intercept of 4, what does this mean?

What could be the possible value of coefficient of determination for this graph?

The equation of the least square regression line is y=0.0234x-0.004, where x represents number of cigarettes each person smoked and y represent amount of caffeine in mg/ml. How much caffeine will be added to a person's body if he smoked 5 cigarettes?

Does this graph shows interpolation or extrapolation?

What is the 77th term of the following sequence?
0.0202…, 0.0303…, 0.0404…, ……..

Find an explicit formula of an arithmetic sequence whose first term and the common difference is 5 and -4 respectively.

Find the next term of the geometric sequence: -3, 21, __

For a geometric series, first term is 9 and the common ratio is -2. What is the 9th term of the sequence?

In an arithmetic sequence, a, b, c, d, e …, the relation between third term and first term is c=a-9. If the second term is 4, what is the fifth term?

How many edges are there in the diagram?

Is the given graph planar?

Is Euler's formula true for this figure?

A ______ is a walk with all different nodes.

If the two nodes have odd order, then a connected graph is called:

Sem-complete graph contains a ______ path.

Mike deposited £1500 in his bank account. How much would be there in his bank account after half a year, if this amount is subjected to an annual compound interest of 5.2%?

James took a £2000 loan from bank at an annual interest rate, compounded quarterly, of 8%. If he has to return this loan in 5 years, what is the future value of this amount?

If M(4,3) is a midpoint of a line with endpoints A(x,10) and B(-4, y), what are the values of x and y?

Is the graph shows a direct proportional relationship?

What is the gradient of the line -2y=9x-4

What is the gradien of a line if it is perpendicular to the line -2y=9x-4?

Solve for x: -3x+23=68+2x

Given f(x)=x^2-31. What would be the positive value of x at f(x)=-6?

What is the y-intercept of the graph shown?

Solve 2x^2-7x=-2x-2

What is the quadratic function having zeros -3 and 1?

What is the discriminant of the equation -2x^2-4x+6

What is the maximum value of the function shown in the graph?

Suppose the equations of the asymptotes of a certain hyperbola are y= ±4/9 x. What are the foci of this hyperbola?

What is the degree of the polynomial 2x^5+3x^3-2

Write a polynomial having roots -2, 1, 5.

What is the equation of the polynomial?