Length, Area and Volume

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What is the area of the parallelogram shown in figure below?
What is the area of the trapezium shown in figure below?
What is the area of the triangle shown in figure below?
The circumference of the circle shown in the diagram below is:
What is the length of the arc shown in the diagram below?
What is the area of the shape in the diagram below?
Find the angle q in the following diagram.
A sphere has a volume of 500 cm3. Find the radius of the sphere.
Calculate the base radius of cone if it has a volume of 225 cm3 and height 18 mm.
Calculate the radius of a sphere if its surface area is 120 m2.
A cuboid and a cylinder have same volume. The radius and height of the cylinder are 5 cm and 15 cm respectively. If the height and length of the cuboid are 5 cm and 12 cm respectively, calculate the width of the cuboid.
A steel pipe has inner radius and outer radius of 45 mm and 46 mm. If the length of the pipe is 10m, find the volume of the steel used in making the pipe.
Calculate the volume of the triangular prism with height 13 cm. The base length of the triangular face is 6 cm and the height is 3 cm.
Calculate the volume of the square pyramid with height 72 mm. The length of the side of the square in the base is 50 mm.
Calculate the surface area of a cylinder with height 4 m. The radius of the circular face is 50 cm.