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What is 1.5 km in metres?
What is 60 m in cm?
What is 12 mm in cm?
Convert 150 m to mm.
What is 1278 g in kg?
What is 80 ml in litres?
What is 7.2 m2 in cm2?
A packet of biscuits weight 75g. What is the weight of 10 packets in kg?
A Carton of milk pack has 15 packs. Each pack of milk consists of 150 ml. What is the total capacity of the carton?
A jar contains 2 litres of juice. 450 ml of juice is added to the jar. What is the total capacity of the jar in litres?
What is 12,000 m2 in km2?
What is 1000 cm3 in mm3?
What is 0.001 cm3 in m3?
Convert 6300 cm3 to l.
Convert 780,000 cm3 to m3.