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What is the fraction 3/4 as percentage?
What is the fraction 4/9 as percentage?
What is 15 % of 80 kg?
In peeling potatoes, 5% of the weight is lost as ‘peel’. How much weight is lost if the weight of potatoes before peeling is 75 kg?
In a test, Philip answered 80 % of the questions correctly. If he answered a total of 65 questions, how many had he got wrong?
What is £120, increased by 5 %?
What is £576, decreased by 11%?
The cost of a television is £800. If a sales tax of 18 % is added, how much amount should be paid in total?
A phone is bought for £400, but then later sold at a sale for £375. What is the percentage loss?
A car is on sale at a 10% reduction. It now costs £45000. What did the car cost originally?
£600 is invested at 8% simple interest for 5 years. How much will be in the account at the end of 5 years?
£700 is invested at 3% compound interest for 3 years. How much will be in the account at the end of 3 years?
The population of a country increases by 10% each year. After how many years will the original population be doubled?
Which of the following is a better investment for 5 years?

Option 1: £2000 at 6% compound interest

Option 2: £2500 at 4% compound interest
The length of a rectangle is decreased by 25 % and the breadth is increased by 20 %. What will be the percentage change in the area of the rectangle?