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Comprehensive GCSE revision resources for passing your exams. Suitable for use all UK exam boards.

If you are looking for comprehensive online resources to pass your GCSE exams, or you’re a teacher looking for activities for your students, you’ve come to the right place. GCSE Guide is your one-stop-shop for GCSE curriculum revision materials and exam preparation like quizzes and past papers.

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, GCSE Guide will save you hours of time with quality resources.

Note: we are aiming to eventually cover all GCSE topics but, right now, our focus has been on providing a comprehensive set of revision notes, exam booklets, quiz questions and past papers specifically for GCSE Maths. Come back soon as more subjects are added.


Practice your knowledge and understanding by using our completely free interactive quizzes.

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Revision notes

Browse our library of revision notes. Signup, download, and start revising right away!

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Past papers

Our library of past papers lets you practice real-life GCSE exam questions to make sure you’re ready for the real thing!

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Mind maps

Mind maps are a great way to visualise tough topics and help you to understand and remember them.

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Exam booklets

Our exam booklets are custom-made to cover all of the topics for your GCSE subjects.

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Coming soon

PowerPoint presentations for teachers, more GCSE subjects, learning grids, and much more!