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Cumulative Frequency Graphs

Want to download the Cumulative Frequency Graph revision notes in PDF format? Cumulative frequency is adding up frequencies to provide the running total. It helps us find the median, lower quartile range and upper quartile range in a set of data.Example:Look at the table. Compute the cumulative frequencies by adding them up to have a …

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Shapes, Symmetry and Tessellation

Want to download the Shapes, Symmetry and Tessellation revision notes in PDF format? Let’s learn more about shapes, polygon and geometric figures. Shapes A shape is a particular form or appearance of an object. It can be a two- or three-dimensional shape. Shapes can be a polygon. A polygon is a plane figure where the …

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Want to download the Transformations revision notes in PDF format?   What are Transformations? Transformations of a figure are changed in the image or the way the figured is presented. Methods to transform figures are translation, rotation, reflection and enlargement. TranslationSliding down on a sliding board or moving an object, this motion is an example …

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Want to download the Surds revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] What are Surds? Surds are an expression in root form such as square root, cube root and other in a root symbol.  A surd cannot be simplified to remove the root symbol. It does not have an exact decimal value and cannot be represented …

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Standard Deviation Formulas

Want to download the Standard Deviation revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] What is Standard Deviation? As we know, random variables have few common numerical characteristic – average value, variation and standard deviation. Now we consider standard deviation of the random variable X. Formulas for calculation variation are next: 1. Population variation for random variable, …

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Sampling (Statistics)

Want to download the Sampling revision notes in PDF format? [mathjax] What Is Sampling In Maths? Several boxes of apples are undergoing a quality check. What will be the easiest way to do it? Checking all the apples piece by piece will be time-consuming. Taking a few apples from each box to examine is the …

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