Travel Graphs – Distance & Time

Speed, Distance and Time The following is a basic but important formula which applies when speed is constant (in other words the speed doesn’t change): Speed = distance time Remember, when using any formula, the units must all be consistent. For example speed could be measured in m/s, distance in metres and time in seconds. … Read more


Equations of straight lines are in the form y = mx + c (m and c are numbers). m is the gradient of the line and c is the y-intercept (where the graph crosses the y-axis).


Finding the gradient of a straight-line graph It is often useful or necessary to find out what the gradient of a graph is. For a straight-line graph, pick two points on the graph. The gradient of the line = (change in y-coordinate)/(change in x-coordinate) . In this graph, the gradient = (change in y-coordinate)/(change in … Read more

Flow Charts

Flow charts are a diagrammatic representation of a set of instructions which must be followed. Flow charts are made up of different boxes, which each have different functions. The flow chart above says think of a number, add 5 and multiply by 2. If the number is negative, make it positive. Flow charts are usually … Read more

Algebraic Fractions

When adding or subtracting algebraic fractions, the first thing to do is to put them onto a common denominator (by cross multiplying). e.g.      1      +      4     (x + 1)       (x + 6) = 1(x + 6) + 4(x + 1) (x + 1)(x + 6) = … Read more